2016 Supreme Puppy Contest Contestants.



Ch. Charlemagne Fortune Teller

Birthdate 7th May 2014 & NZKC #: 04395-2014

Sire: Ch. Brixton Outragous Fortune

Dam: NZ Ch. Shirvin Twinkle Little Star (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: M. & H. Tolley

Owner: M. & H. Tolley


Ch. Charlemagne Louda Than Words

Birthdate 23rd Oct. 2014 & NZKC #: 00193-2015

Sire: Ch. Tamsam Special Agent

Dam: NZ Ch. Firezan Pink Floyd (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: C.L. Tolley

Owner: C.L. Tolley

Ch. Ryandos Midnight Sun

Birthdate 17th Jul. 2014 & NZKC #: 06677-2014

Sire: NZ Gr. & Eng. Ch. Kebulak Man After Midnight (Imp. UK)

Dam: Waigalire Burning Sun (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: R. Styles

Owner: R.A. Alcantara, T. Lawrence, R.C. & J. Styles



NZ Gr. Ch. Zeracious Locked And Loaded (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate: 13th Jan. 2014 & NZKC #: 2100401390

Sire: Ch. Mosstrooper Memphis Slim

Dam: Ch. Brookshire Black Opal

Breeder: Mr. Frans & Griet Coetzer

Owner: Clinton Hoeben



Ch. Shakoca Man Of Passion at Espaniel

Birthdate: 29th Sep. 2014 & NZKC #: 06797-2014

Sire: Ch. Espaniel Viva La Vida

Dam: Shakoca A Passion For Style

Breeder: S. Pine

Owner: Sheree East



NZ Ch. Bellebriar News Release (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate: 18th Apr. 2014 & NZKC #: 2100406263

Sire: Aust. Ch. Bencleuch Breaking News (Scot.)

Dam: Bellebriar Bounty Free

Breeder: Anna Hatherley

Owner: Beth Warman, Robbie Gray, Trevor & Jenny Warman



Ch. Arawhiti O Wot A Buzz

Birthdate: 8th Apr. 2014 & NZKC #: 04399-2014

Sire: Supr. Ch. & Aust. Supr. Ch. Arawhiti Mr Fahrenheit

Dam: Ch. Rothley Flamenco (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Nigel & Robynne Trainor

Owner: Nigel & Robynne Trainor



Ch. Pinerock Bless My Soul

Birthdate: 23rd Mar. 2015 & NZKC #: 02659-2015

Sire: Pinerock Scotch On The Rocks

Dam: Ch. Pinerock Gunna Getcha

Breeder: Jenny Hamilton

Owner: Jenny Hamilton



NZ Ch. Orobay Baileys Dream (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate: 5th Feb. 2015 & NZKC #: 4100255159

Sire: UK & Aust. Supr. ch. Orobay Graceful Triumph

Dam: Aust. Ch. Orobay Everlasting Soul

Breeder: R. Telfer

Owner: Mrs. C.E. Mahon



Ch. Westfield Armedeus

Birthdate: 10th Jan. 2015 & NZKC #: 01794-2015

Sire: Boldova of Taimana

Dam: Ch. Westfield Vaasa

Breeder: J.K. Field

Owner: J.K. Field



Ch. Westfield Ava

Birthdate: 10th Jan. 2015 & NZKC #: 01797-2015

Sire: Boldova of Taimana

Dam: Ch. Westfield Vaasa

Breeder: J.K. Field

Owner: J.K. Field


Ch. Merthyr Wanda Buck The System

Birthdate: 2nd Mar. 2014 & NZKC #: 04573-2014

Sire: Am. Gr. Ch. Tallyrand Halo Chaser (USA)

Dam: Ch. Merthyr Wanda Be Silver Penny

Breeder: Lesley Chalmers

Owner: Lesley Chalmers


Ch. Shadday Diamond Star of Desyred

Birthdate: 1st Oct. 2014 & NZKC #: 06635-2014

Sire: Can. Ch. Liberator's Apache Warbonnet (Can.)

Dam: Ch. Desyred Ring Of Diamonds at Shadday

Breeder: Ian & Shirley Maguigan & Ms. J. Frederickson

Owner: Helene Street & Ian and Shirley Maguigan


Walamara Rapid Rise (AI)

Birthdate: 16TH Mar. 2015 & NZKC #: 03331-2015

Sire: Can. Ch. Liberator's Apache Warbonnet (Can.)

Dam: Walamara Flying First Class

Breeder: B. Alexander & M. Wissimer

Owner: Robyn Thomas


Ch. Tonic 'N' Ice of Kauriland

Birthdate: 1st Oct. 2014 & NZKC #: 00496-2015

Sire: Ch. Mystiknight Darktitan

Dam: Ch. Vodka "N" Ice of Kauriland

Breeder: Tony & Judith Marsh

Owner: Tony & Judith Marsh



Ch. Lealsam You Are My Hero (AI)

Birthdate: 16th May 2014 & NZKC #: 04628-2014

Sire: Eng. Ch. Zamoyski Lucky Orlando (JW) (UK)

Dam: Ch. Lealsam Miss Cover Girl

Breeder: Denise Reeve

Owner: Denise Reeve


Ch. Lealsam Ready To Tumble

Birthdate: 3rd Jun. 2014 & NZKC #: 05015-2014

Sire: Ch. Lealsam Ruff N Tumble

Dam: Ch. Lealsam Just Dance

Breeder: Denise Reeve

Owner: Michelle Maisey



Ch. Alpine American Dream

Birthdate: 20th Dec. 2014 & NZKC #: 01151-2015

Sire: Gr. Ch. Alyeshka Devils Edge

Dam: NZ Ch. Tijis All American Girl (Imp. USA)

Breeder: M. Quinn

Owner: M. Quinn



Ch. Alpine American Wizard

Birthdate: 20th Dec. 2014 & NZKC #: 01153-2015

Sire: Gr. Ch. Alyeshka Devils Edge

Dam: NZ Ch. Tijis All American Girl (Imp. USA)

Breeder: M. Quinn

Owner: Rose & Bruce Northway & M. Quinn




Ch. Wakelinbulls Code Of Silence at Bullestate

Birthdate: 30th Dec. 2014 NZKC #: 02111-2015

Sire: Ch. Bullestate Nifty Norton

Dam: Bullestate A Touch Of Snow

Breeder: Ben Wakelin

Owner: Peter Janssen



Ch. Phatheadz Miss Un Stop A Bull

Birthdate: 11th Jul. 2014 NZKC #: 05786-2014

Sire: Ch. Phatheadz Bolshie Bandit

Dam: Ch. Dreamrock Heavenly Red Ruby at Phatheadz

Breeder: Mike & Krissie Dellow

Owner: Mike & Krissie Dellow



Ch. Wuyu Ginger Kisses

Birthdate: 26th Sep. 2014 NZKC #: 06708-2014

Sire: Ch. Wuyu Simply Red

Dam: Xioping Burnt Biscuit (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Peta Jamieson & H. Willcocks

Owner: Peta Jamieson













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